I am on a journey, to make Aliyah, and want to share my journey with my family, friends and anyone that is interested. I made the decision to make Aliyah in December 2002 and now I am actually doing it. This blog will chronicle my story and adventures leading up to getting on the plane and then the continuing story of the beginning of my new life in Israel and what I experience once there.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Next year in Jerusalem - בשנה הבאה בירושלים

Well I've been looking forward to the end of Yom Kippur for many reasons, but the one that applies most here are the the last words of the service --- בשנה הבאה בירושלים --- "Next year in Jerusalem" which for me will be the case, not just words repeated from year to year. No matter where in Israel I may be living I want to spend my first holidays in Jerusalem, so next year I WILL be in Jerusalem.

To add to the moment, about a dozen people in my shul were on the bima for the final Tekiah Gadolah, of which I was one. We got our cue from the rabbi and we all blew. People started running out of air and I kept blowing, it was like I needed to keep blowing to sound the shofar to say "Israel... I'm coming... are you getting this?" I lasted it seemed forever beyond the rest of the group, and finally it came to an end, just as Yom Kippur came to an end. A new year begins with a clean slate and I've got many new chapters to write.

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