I am on a journey, to make Aliyah, and want to share my journey with my family, friends and anyone that is interested. I made the decision to make Aliyah in December 2002 and now I am actually doing it. This blog will chronicle my story and adventures leading up to getting on the plane and then the continuing story of the beginning of my new life in Israel and what I experience once there.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Biriya Forest

We stopped at Eden Springs an ancient Jewish town that has a clear water spring. After driving back across the Hula Valley, we then drove through the Biriya Forest where we were able to take in the views from the mountain looking into the Hula Valley, the ancient location of Amuka and the modern day location of Amuka. We visited the remains of a 1800 year old synagogue and Rhonda also took me to the grave of Rabbi Jonathan ben Uzziel a heavily visited grave thought to have powers for those that visit.

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