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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Speaking Event

Next Sunday will be a Gathering, a rally, or some such thing at the South Carolina Statehouse in support of Israel. A group of people have pulled this together with an amazing lineup of speakers. I have also been asked to speak and have agreed to do so, but I do feel a little outgunned, but it's a program on a subject that means a lot to me, so I go into this with genuine excitement. I have never truly spoken in public, speaking in shul to a room of people that I mostly know or even a business presentation to 8 people that I don't know is not the same as speaking in front of the central government building, on the steps, with cameras, reporters, supporters and probably a few people who are not supportive of Israel.

I would like to note that this has been assembled by a group of people who are true friends and lovers of the State of Israel. Not all are Jewish. I met a couple "Zionistic Christians" when I was volunteering in the IDF, but didn't realize that there are actually a good number, even right here in South Carolina.

So, who is on this amazing list of speakers that I get to share the microphone with:

  • US Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC)
  • SC State Representative Mac Toole (R-District 88)
  • Rabbi Jonathan Case - Beth Shalom Synagogue, Columbia, SC
  • Avi Posnick – East Coast Outreach Director - Stand With Us, New York, NY
  • Kathleen Cox – Vice President - Israel Always, Charleston, SC
  • Bob Schwartz – Assistant Exec Vice President - American Friends of Magen David Adom, Miami, FL
  • Pastor Gene Rowell - Gantt Street Baptist Church - Cayce, SC
  • Rebecca Pinsker & Friends - Music - Education Director - Beth Shalom Synagogue, Columbia, SC

So, my friends if you are in the area next Sunday, May 17th, join us in front of the SC Statehouse from 2 until 4, rain or shine, but I'm hoping for shine. Wear your Blue and White!

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Amos said...

Matt, my friend, I assure you, you were not outgunned!