I am on a journey, to make Aliyah, and want to share my journey with my family, friends and anyone that is interested. I made the decision to make Aliyah in December 2002 and now I am actually doing it. This blog will chronicle my story and adventures leading up to getting on the plane and then the continuing story of the beginning of my new life in Israel and what I experience once there.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ordered My Initial Cell Service

There are lots of choices for cell service in Israel. All but one require you to have an Israeli ID number and bank account. The one that does not is geared to students, tourists and new olim (immigrants). The service offers both an Israeli and US numbers. Both numbers ring on the single cell phone so it will be easy for people in either country to call me. Before I leave they will send me my numbers and the sim card to go in my unlocked GSM phone. They have plans with a phone but for now my old phone is just fine (and cheaper too). The company is TalkNSave.

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