I am on a journey, to make Aliyah, and want to share my journey with my family, friends and anyone that is interested. I made the decision to make Aliyah in December 2002 and now I am actually doing it. This blog will chronicle my story and adventures leading up to getting on the plane and then the continuing story of the beginning of my new life in Israel and what I experience once there.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sharing the positives, dealing with the pressures

I have kept an open mind on everything I have written and have shared almost everything in this process. I talked about all my preparations, both physical as well as emotional. I have not talked about my emotional state since arriving as I knew the move would be hard and that I would miss my kids, family and friends. I never imagined how hard the separation from children would be and I struggle with this everyday. My birthday was Thursday and it was hard not having my children with me. Today is Jessica's birthday and again I am struggling with the distance between us. I have been a single father for 16 years and to get on a plane and all of a sudden not to see my kids is taking its toll on me mentally. I am talking with people to help me get through this but I have to admit I am second guessing what I have done. I don't want to discourage anyone from following me in this journey, but I do want you to make sure you are mentally prepared for the separation issues that will occur when you leave your friends and family behind. Obviously moving with your family reduces the anxiety, but as an individual it has additional dynamics.


Unknown said...

Just know that your children are well and I am sure think of you often. As a parent with 2 children very far from home ,it is the same feeling. Guess what they ,as well as you, grow up and leave. You are in a journey for yourself, which you have waited for a long time. This is your time and you can always speak with them and look forward to the day when you get to be with them again.
Be well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being honest. Best of luck to you, an anonymous reader curious about aliyah.